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Everything You Should Know

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Driving a posh vehicle on the smooth roads of Dubai is an incredibly fantastic experience. And explaining it in words might not do justice. But having a car does come with specific responsibilities. It is vital to have adequate knowledge regarding taking proper care of it. At times, it may not be a cakewalk for everyone. The engine is like the heart of a vehicle, and it cannot work without a good battery. In comparison, car batteries can indeed go for a prolonged time, but they also tend to leave you in the outskirts at the most terrible times. A certain amount of basic knowledge can help you go a long way and prevent costly repairs.

How does A Car Battery Perform?

A car battery plays a crucial role in providing the necessary power in enabling the vehicle to move. Without it, the chemical reaction to bring your car into motion will not initiate. But with the correct voltage and steady current levels, the engine starts to perform. It does look like a small box, but the role that it has to play is highly vital.

When you push that ignition button, the batteries start creating a chemical reaction. With a burst of electrical energy, the vehicle is ready to run. Your car’s electric potential is the voltage, and usually, vehicles use a 12-volt battery. Interestingly, even a slight decrease in the voltage can damage the battery’s overall performance. When you put the engine in function, the charging system comes into play and allows a smooth flow. Usually, one of the most prevalent reasons for a battery dying is an insufficient charge. There are countless Car Battery Shops in UAE that you can consider if any issue arises. As at times, professional help is always the best solution.

How To Know If Battery Is Old?

ACDelco Battery Dubai

There are more than one reasons that lead to a battery giving up on its life, such as:

  • The charging system is not working properly
  • The interior light or headlights left on
  • The battery is bearing extreme temperatures
  • Electricity is draining away despite the vehicle being turned off
  • Battery terminals do not have a proper connection
  • The car is not in working condition for too long

Warning Signs Of A Compromised Battery

You can start with turning on the windshield wipers and notice operating slowly. The dome light and the exterior lights should not be dim. You can also check the date code on the battery case. The first letter indicates the month, and the number indicates the year. It is the shipping information of the battery from the factory to the local wholesale distributor. The other digits tell you its creation date. Usually, batteries last for three to five years. Other signs involve the car’s engine cracking, the radio not working, the engine crank but not starting, or low fluid level.

Due to which a particular impact can fall upon the starter motor, charging system, or the starter solenoid. Moreover, your battery can also be swollen, or a stench may come from it. The car has to enforce itself with an additional amount of stress with a weak battery to perform. If you don’t take timely steps, you may end up removing some of the most integral parts.

Choosing The Right Battery

Choosing the correct battery is essential to provide you with optimal performance. As a critical component, you must know the tips for picking the suitable one. Replacing it is a significant aspect since it gradually loses its power. Elements such as weather and driving conditions also have an effect. With a guidance of a professional, you can pick just the things your vehicle needs. Some of the few things you should know are as follows:

Understand Essentials

If the battery’s capacity is too small, you would want to go for a quicker replacement. And too high capacity can be damaging and a wastage of money. However, understanding the specifications can help you with all of this. The owner’s manual consists of certain specifications specifically for your vehicle’s model. A reputable dealership can help you with purchasing a battery. For example, you may want to check Cat battery price in Dubai or ACDelco Battery for long-lasting results. Low-priced batteries are never a good option. Going for well-renowned and reputable brands is better to avoid irrelevant costs.

The cost is a significant part of a battery’s quality and life expectancy. The lower quality ones can sometimes malfunction, even before giving out any warnings. You can also review the old battery and compare its shape, size, and overall configuration.

You wouldn’t want to skip out the warranty part as it is a fundamental element determining a battery’s quality. A more extended warranty means better quality. You may want to check it consists of the code: 24/48, which means that you have a free replacement period of 24 months along with a prorated warranty of about 84 months.

Right Battery Power

ACDelco Battery UAE

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) helps in choosing the correct battery power. CCA is the starting power that should meet the vehicle’s standard requirements. You can also view the owner manual for specifications. RC ensures that the battery provides power to the essential accessories in the car when the engine turns off. It also helps if, at some point, the alternator stops working so that your vehicle can continue to move smoothly. The vehicle’s manual has it all. Every minute detail that you would want to know before buying a battery. The batteries are of two types, and you can go for either one: maintenance-free and maintenance required. Most drivers go for the former one, which is a bit expensive. There is no need for electrolyte monitoring after the installation. In contrast, the latter requires monitoring but is cheap.

Fulfilling The Needs

Regardless of the battery you choose, it should provide to your vehicle and driving needs—the design and size matter, so there is no compromise on the power supply. You can take assistance from the battery shops you trust to make the correct decisions.


Quality car batteries are an essential part when it comes to the evaluation of car performance. We also have to play our role in keeping it working correctly. Sometimes it is the weather and other times our driving habits. Even the chilly winters can have a negative effect. Some batteries may wear and tear quickly and within three years. If you want your car to continue performing smoothly, following a maintenance schedule will make all the difference.

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