February 4, 2023
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Live Chat Answering Services: How to Improve Response Time

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Live Chat Answering Services

Live chat answering services contribute to the major customer support services. Most of the customers prefer live chat when they have a question regarding any of your products or services. That is why you must ensure efficient customer service to retain your consumers.

However, what affects customer retention rates the most is chat response time. If your agents are slow and do not cater to the customers’ needs on time, you are more likely to lose customers. Therefore, how much time your support team takes to reply to clients is the first defining factor of your business’s future.

Thus, to gain positive reviews from clients about your business, ensure there is no delay in responding to them. Otherwise, they get annoyed and lose interest in your company. As a result, you hand your customer over to your competitors.

In the past, a business’s response time was expected to be 12 hours. But now, the clients want you to reply to them within 15 seconds when they contact you via live chat. Yes, they want you to be that quick.

Live chat is an effective channel to interact with your customers. With efficient chat support, you gain your clients’ loyalty and win yourself, potential buyers.

The Impact of Live Chat Response Time on Customers:

The first impression you make on your client when they message you through live chat is how much time you took to write a reply. As customers are impatient and do not like waiting, thus your staff should ensure rapid responses.

Let us look at an example. Suppose you get a notification that the dress you have been waiting for is restocked. You go to the website but do not find the dress there. As a result, you write a message in the company’s live chatbox.

But you do not get an instant reply from their support team. So, you change your mind about buying that dress because of the support agents’ delayed responses. Moreover, you would not recommend their brand to others as you had a bad experience shopping with them.

Similarly, according to a survey, more than 50% of the customers are not happy with live chat services. The reason is that they had to wait a long time for their issues to be addressed. That is why providing instant solutions to the clients helps your customer retention reports trend upwards.

How Does Live Chat Support Work?

A managed live chat assists in increasing brand loyalty and customers’ trust. Also, it enhances the customer average lifetime value and thus increases the ROI for your business. Moreover, if your team succeeds in delivering efficient chat support, you ensure repeated purchases from your buyers.

In addition, live chat stores all the customer’s information and their purchase history. As a result, it helps you in the future if they have any queries or want to place an order. Moreover, it saves customers’ time as you already have their information.

Thus, you favor your company by offering your customers remarkable chat services. As a result, not only do you increase sales and profits, but you also gain regular customers.

How Can You Improve Chat Support Response Time?

Live chat service providers can improve their response time in the following ways:

  • Outsourcing Live Chat Support
  • Complete Knowledge about the Product
  • Using Automated Messages

Let us explain these in detail for you to improve your reply time and ensure customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing Live Chat Support:

When you run a business, a lot of customers reach out to you. So it is tough for the team to manage everything. You cannot expect them to handle your business tasks and customer support. So it affects the productivity of the business.

Thus, most business owners outsource their customer support to increase their company’s efficiency. As a result, the service providers take over customer support and provide instant solutions to your consumers.

In this way, you avoid delayed replies and ensure high customer satisfaction.

Complete Knowledge about the Product:

Another reason for delayed responses while delivering live chat answering services is a lack of knowledge about the products. How can you answer clients’ questions if you do not know your product inside out?

Similarly, asking your colleagues about the details of the product and then returning to the chat takes time. Thus, your agents must have thorough information about the products you sell to ensure quick replies.

Using Automated Messages:

This is one of the most effective practices to decrease your response time. Use scripted messages that show customers that you are available for them. Moreover, having a typing indicator is also beneficial.

As a result, your customers feel that you handled their requests right away. It increases your reliability in their eyes, making your online reputation better. Thus, you generate more leads and maximize your profits.

How to Calculate Live Chat Response Time?

There is a simple formula for calculating the response time. You can use it to evaluate your reply time and thus improve your customer support if needed.

Response Time = Sum of Response Times / Number of Customer Submissions

Different companies use different metrics such as days, hours, or minutes. Similarly, many organizations calculate response times as average, mean, and median. However, however you calculate the time, never include the time a chatbot utilized sending a message to your client.

Live Chat Response Time for Business Success: 

There is no denying that late replies to the clients drift them away to other brands. As a result, you lose your customers, and your business suffers. To avoid that from happening, you must ensure that you deliver instant solutions to your customers.

Moreover, delayed replies from your team affect your position in the market. As a result, your competitors gain an edge over you, leaving you behind. In addition, because your consumers are not happy with your services, you lose their trust.

They do not recommend you to others. Instead, they write bad reviews about your brand. As a result, your online presence gets affected. However, DOS provides the best live chat answering services and phone and email support. Also, they offer a 3-4-day free trial to their clients. So avail yourself of the opportunity, choose DOS, and experience success in no time.