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The Impact of Fashion Trends on Teenagers

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The Impact of Fashion Trends on Teenagers

The Impact of Fashion Trends on Teenagers

Magazines educate, inform, and entertain us. For only a few dollars, one can buy a magazine and enjoy hours of fun reading, relaxation, or laughter. With the advent of the internet and digital technology, most of the renowned magazines created their digital versions where the members can get access to the magazines online for free.

In the 1940s, a large number of publishers started to pursue teenagers as a potential demographic. The Seventeen magazine made it to the shelves in the year 1944, which had set the stage for many similar publications such as Teen People and Tiger Beat. Over the course of time, teen magazines became an individual category in the world of magazines.

The target audience of teen magazines included young women, and the content focused on fashion trends, lifestyle, celebrity news, and makeup.

Teen fashion magazines have a huge influence on popular culture as they include the updated fashion trends and celebrity fashion, which the readers can use as a source of inspiration for their own styling and aesthetic development. Much like entertainment magazines, teen magazines are also great marketing tools for media producers and celebrities.

Teenagers are massively conscious about their appearance and tend to focus on the tiniest details in terms of how they look. Their approach to styling and dressing up is slightly different from adults. Some teenagers are extremely self-conscious, and they would fear anything that draws too much attention or puts them in the spotlight.

Consequently, they would go for something that does not look overly-dressed. On the contrary, some teenagers live for attention, and they would wear whatever they want to make themselves stand out.

The clothes we wear reflect our personal style and mood. They also highlight one’s overall confidence in terms of the way they carry themselves. An individual’s confidence level has a considerable impact on how other people view and respond to them.

Self-Expression Through Fashion

Teenagers are incredibly conscious when it comes to their sense of style and the clothing they wear. Fashion and an individual’s image are both interconnected and have a massive influence on the lifestyle of a teenager. Fashion means a great deal to teenagers as they use it as a way to showcase to the world who they are and what they want to achieve.

All teenagers have varying personalities, which is why there exist different fashion trends and clothes in distinctive styles, fabrics, sizes, and colors. As you grow old, you start to associate your clothing with a sense of self. Teenagers use fashion as a medium to express themselves and also to bond with their peers and gain social status.

The phase of adolescence is one where you are searching for your personal identity, and what teenagers wear plays a massive part in defining and shaping that identity. They use clothes, hairstyles, and other fashion elements as a medium of self-expression. What a teenager chose to wear serves as a way of individuating and showing how they want the world to perceive them.

Studies have shown that what a teenager decides to wear has a huge influence on their mannerisms and characteristics. For instance, if a teenager chose to wear a lot of gothic clothes, he or she would also have some associated traits such as piercings, tattoos, and dark makeup.

Factors Influencing Teenagers’ Sense of Style

Teenagers often tend to imitate what celebrities and influential people are wearing as it appears popular and ‘in style’. They are quick to jump the bandwagon of fashionable trends as they want to appear chic and fit in. Fashion trends are constantly evolving, changing rapidly with the seasons.

Here we have discussed some of the major factors influencing the fashion sense of a teenager.

Magazines and Media

Teenagers love teen magazines and media to use as their source of inspiration. They consume this content to get an insight into the latest or upcoming fashion trends so that they are prepared as to what they should buy next.

Fashion magazines/shows have an incredible influence on the lifestyle and individual sense of style of a teenager as a majority of them purchase clothes after sifting through the latest fashion magazines. Thus, these teen magazines majorly influence a teenager’s choice of clothes and fashion trends.

Most fashion magazines have teenagers as their target audience, especially young girls. Magazines use popular celebrities dressed up in fancy attires on the front page to grab the attention of young girls and to pique their interest.


Teenagers absolutely adore and idolize their favorite celebrities. They look up to them as their role models and a constant source of fashion inspiration. When a teenager comes across their favorite celebrity dressed up in a particular outfit, they are likely to buy the exact same thing so that they can look like them.

Teenagers consume a lot of reality tv shows and stay updated on the latest fashion trends and styles of their favorite celebrities. They will follow the celebrities’ lifestyle to keep themselves updated. In short, teenagers explore and discover themselves using external stimuli. Celebrities serve as the external stimulation which teenagers use to form opinions, make associations, and develop thoughts.

Designer Brands

Teenagers are often preoccupied with social appreciation and the coolness associated with the clothes they wear. As a result, they display a considerably brand-oriented approach when it comes to shopping for clothes or other fashion accessories. The majority of teenagers go shopping at stores that offer high-end designers and popular brands.

There was a time when the idea of fashion was confined to special events. While it is pointless to compare different generations, there is a massive difference in the way fashion is perceived nowadays. Teenagers today have become more fashionable than ever. As a matter of fact, teenagers are proving themselves to be great trendsetters.

One of the major influences in the spread and appeal of fashion among adolescents is teen magazines. Style or fashion I the colloquial language can be considered contagious as people get inspired and influenced by ones who are already fashion-conscious.

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