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The Reasons why People Love to Collect Different Kinds of stamp

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The Reasons why People Love to Collect Different Kinds of stamp

The Reasons why People Love to Collect Different Kinds of stamp

One of the favorite hobbies you may have as a kid would be collecting vintage coins or stamps. In the old days, without the flurry of mobile phones and gaming consoles, kids had so much else to do. There is a certain joy, excitement, and thrill of collecting stamps.

A stamp is defined as a small piece of paper with a particular engraving in solid ink. In ancient times, a stamp was attached to some document or thing to show that an amount was paid. Postage stamps are quite popular and have a certain amount printed on them.

You may wonder that stamps may be the same old as in the old day. But guess what, stamps are not what you think of them. Although you can find the classic stamps from the 1930s and 1950s, now new stamps are also available.

What is Thematic Stamp Collection?

Apart from the definitive stamps, there are thematic stamp collections that comprise the stamp with animals or any other symbol. The early postage stamps had pictures of world leaders such as monarchs on them. But modern the range of images changed from images of personalities to historical events to transportation and animals.

Bears were probably the first animal to feature on a stamp, but later, other animals got a feature as well. For example, the golden eagle stamp was quite popular and was a symbol of strength, respect, and rich tradition.

Golden eagles and bald eagles are native to the United States, and a bald eagle is also the country’s National Emblem. Eagles have a certain significance and represent ancient tribal logos. In many cultures, eagles represent truth, courage, strength, freedom, and wisdom.

The bird kingdom is vast and consists of hundreds of species, but the eagle is thought to be the king and leader of all the birds. Apart from golden and bald eagles, a harpy eagle, crowned eagle, Steller’s sea eagle, and black kite.

The eagle flies higher and has the best vision among the birds. In many cultures, it was forbidden to disrespect or hurt an eagle. In many parts of the world, eagle feathers are precious relics and considered a coveted prize.

How to Buy a Stamp with Golden Eagle Image

Animals on the stamp are not rare, and one can easily search for them and buy them. A few decades ago, it wasn’t easy to find antique and classic stamps. But today, thanks to online stores, you can find even the most distinctive and rare stamp in the world.

You can even revive your old hobby of collecting stamps and search for them online. The traditional way is to go to an antique store and browse through various classic items; if you have a busy lifestyle, it can be challenging to find a rare stamp among hundreds of antique collectibles.

The true stamp collecting enthusiasts know the value and charm in finding and getting your hands on a famous and rare stamp. Many people may find collecting stamps or coins quite boring and without any purpose. But true collectors know the thrill and fantasy of discovering undiscovered treasure with vintage stamps. If you love to collect stamps, you can even buy an album to keep the stamps you buy.

People passionate about collecting vintage items also like to display and flaunt their collection to their friends and family. Your grandparents may have a childhood habit of collecting stamps, and they will love to see their grandchild following the same legacy.

There are hundreds of different stamps, and each carries other symbols, images, and information. Apart from the collectible perspective, there is so much new to learn from stamps that display wildlife. If you love animals and birds, you will be excited to find a golden eagle stamp.

Once you develop the hobby of searching and gathering classic stamps, then it is hard to stop. Most young people collect stamps because their father was a fan of keeping exquisite stamps. In most families, a complete album of stamps symbolizes a fantastic heritage and legacy.

Each country has stamps featuring different things that make the country famous. Some of the common things denoted on stamps include leaders, sports stars, historical events, animals, and historical monuments.


One of the easy ways to collect stamps is to remove them from the mail you may receive. This is quite a compelling way as you may not know what type of stamps show up. A golden eagle stamp is one truly rare stamp to have in your collection.

The golden eagle is one of the largest birds of prey, with a wingspan measuring 6 and a half feet. The eagle is common in the North and Western side of the country. Golden eagles mostly live in an open, hilly, and mountainous area and migrate in the south in winters.

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