February 4, 2023
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Top Healthcare Marketing Trends for The Digital Age

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Top Healthcare Marketing Trends for The Digital Age

Top Healthcare Marketing Trends for The Digital Age

A healthcare marketer’s job is to identify the best tactics for getting new leads and turning them into regular patients going forward. It is certainly a challenging task, and it appears to become more complicated with each passing year as the competition increases, new regulations are introduced, and the technology evolves.

But this shouldn’t bog you down. Adapting to a digitally advanced era demands a shift towards a risk-taking and flexible mindset. It means letting go of the dated conventional business methodologies and trusting that a tech-driven transformation will yield positive outcomes.

Investing some time and effort into updating your digital healthcare marketing plan will help keep your medical practice ahead of the intense competition.

Using the insight from expert healthcare marketers, we have gathered the top healthcare trends for the digital age going forward.

Patients Expect You to Prioritize Their Digital Experience


Optimizing the patients’ experience must always be your top priority, both with an in-office and an online setup.

But did you know to what extent patients’ online experience affects your bottom line?

Around 77% of patients now conduct online research before booking a medical appointment, suggesting that the patients’ digital experience is critical to whether they will be transformed from a lead to a regular customer.

If you invest some time creating an exceptional online experience for potential patients, you will see a rise in Return on Investment (ROI).

Reputation Management Is Critical to Converting New Patients


When looking for potential medical professionals in the digital space, people are inclined to trust online reviews almost as much as personal references. Therefore, user-generated content such as reviews is now immensely weighted by the search engines.

Not having reputation management in your healthcare marketing strategy might be why you miss out on potential patients. It is now high time you jump on the bandwagon and incorporate this trend in your digital marketing plan.

Positive patient reviews can elevate your conversions and search rankings. Try to incorporate an email campaign that follows up with patients after their appointments, requests a review on the official platform, and take a patient satisfaction survey.

Location-Based SEO Can Make or Break Your Marketing Strategy


Every year, millions of people search online for a health-related subject. Much like any other healthcare marketing trend, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices transform as consumer behavior and technology change with time.

The most recent SEO change is exceptional for medical marketers – search results have become more localized without having to insert a location-specific or geographic term. But you still need an effective SEO strategy to make sure you stay ahead of the search results.

Video Is the Preferred Content-Type


Immersive online videos have now infiltrated all industries and is rapidly becoming the preferred content consuming medium for people. Individuals watch a hefty number of videos every day. If your health practice or hospital has not yet invested in video marketing, now is certainly the time, particularly for social media marketing.

Research suggests that people are more likely to invest in a product or a service after watching their brand’s video, suggesting that healthcare organizations can eventually convert more patients by utilizing the medium of video.

Here are a few examples where you can incorporate user-friendly animation and graphics in your video content for healthcare marketing spread:

  • Healthcare staff introductions
  • Patient testimonials and stories
  • Health information and medical education
  • Location or event promotion
  • Health-focused tips and suggestions
  • Live video appointments

Mobile Healthcare Applications Are the Future


Gone are the days when you had to invest thousands of dollars in conventional marketing, now you can hire a team of creative developers and get an app developed. We are now witnessing an increase in patient expectations of having a healthcare app at their disposal.

Use an app to upload discounts, book appointments, facilitate health records, and make communication between patients and healthcare providers more convenient. When estimating the upcoming marketing requirements, consider incorporating an app into your digital marketing strategy to provide better communication and reaching out to target audience.

Today, healthcare marketers have more opportunities than ever to have a positive influence on patient experience. By prioritizing your patients’ online experience using advanced digital tools, your healthcare practice will continue to nurture existing relationships and satisfy more first-time patients.

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